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Unreconstructed bigots

Unbelievably, some people still don't get it. Even in the wake of McDonald and Heller some people still cling to their discredited and hateful ideology.

It's like this, lefties. The U.S. Supreme Court has at long last confirmed what many of us have been asserting for a very long time, namely that the right to keep and bear arms is a protected civil right. Restricting it can only be done under very specific circumstances and then only if you can demonstrate an overriding need to do so. You can't falsly yell "fire" in a crowed theater and you can't carry your gun into a prison. But other than a few highly specific and strictly scrutinized times and places, carrying a gun can't be restricted due to the whims of the legislature, courts or whiny reporters.

Having a gun is a civil right, just like fee speech is a civil right. Unless you want to give up your right to whine and print your whines don't beg the government to "DO SOMETHING!" about the fact that people own guns. More and more courts, legislatures and even normally left-leaning coffee shop chains have figured it out. Gun grabbing, like segregation, is a thing of the past.

However, there are a few unreconstructed left-wing dolts that still haven't figured it out.

It seems that the editorial staff at a Connecticut spew hole wants to anonymously complain that Congress is considering law that keeps creditors from seizing your firearms during bankruptcy.

I guess even Congress is figuring out that the tools to protect life and liberty are protected from seizure. But the hoplophobes cry and gnash their teeth. Their pronouncements are taking on more and more the shrill tone of the Klansman determined to preserve the social order he has become accustomed to even when the rest of the world is rejecting his racist bleatings.

Armed citizens are now the norm. The left needs to give up on their gun-grabbing ways and move on.

H/T to David Codrea of The War on Guns.

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