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The Mile-High Massacre

Comrade Obama went into last night's debate expecting to cross swords with the media-created strawman of Mitt Romney; evil, greedy and cruel.  Instead, he met the real Romney; successful businessman, bishop of his church, man of integrity.

Suddenly King Barack the Unready could no longer hide behind his sycophants. He had to actually face criticism for the first time in decades.  The results speak for themselves. He was the SCOAMF that those of us that have paid attention have seen for some time.

Round two will show us the other side of JugEars that the media has hidden; The Bitter, Angry Obama. His handlers will tell him he needs to come out fighting and he will show the side of himself that sent thousands of Mexicans to their deaths.

Round two of the presidential debates will be about foreign policy.  I suspect we'll see a bit more spiking the football about Bin Laden being dead.  And it's true, Bin Laden is dead.

Then again, so are Ambassador Chris Stevens, Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jaime Zapata.

Obama has also tried to Blame Bush™ for all of the foreign policy failures of his administration and the media has let him get away with that too.   I imagine he'll have about the same experience trying to blame everyone but himself for his failures.

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  1. “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (Josef Stalin) I wouldn’t get my hopes up for November. The current “poles” are weighted towards Obama assuming he’ll get the turn out he did 4 years ago, and he won’t. That puts Romney up by 5 percent or more. STILL, a sitting President has the means to disrupt accurate voting (which has been done in FL and OH before). Obama may be shit as a President, but he’s good at two things: reading a teleprompter and getting elected by any means. Ask Alice Palmer and then try to find an Obama supporter that knows who she is.

    • Another old saying is, “If you win big they can’t cheat.”

      Most people that watch the legacy media have never seen Mitt Romney talk. They’ve seen a few clips after which some blow-dried douchebag spins the commentary.

      The debate changed all that. The media has been trying to make Romney look fake and stupid. During the debate he looked Presidential.

      If you had Adolf Hitler and Genghis Khan running against each other, one with an R and one with a D, each would get 30% of the vote. A 1993 study by the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media indicates that the rest tend to vote for the candidate that seems the most competent.

      2008 was an anomaly because so many people turned out to vote for the first presidential candidate of color. Now that they’ve elected him most of them will not be back this cycle. And the Rs had McCain. McCain, who lost three aircraft in his blessedly short Naval career.

      All Romney has to do is not look incompetent for the next few weeks and almost all of the undecideds and independents will break his way. Obama has spent four years showing what incompetent looks like and then confirmed it with his debate performance. The night of the debates Obama lost 11% off of Intrade.

      Barring Mitt doing something stupid or some other Black Swan event, my prediction is 300+ EVs and 54% of the popular vote for Romney/Ryan.

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