Knitebane Manor Illos libenter devoramus qui nos opprimere velint

The Eisegesis Knitebania

From time to time you may see some words or phrases here that seem to be spelled wrong or in creative ways.

Generally, this is done on purpose and if I manage to offend someone by targeting them with such a creative device, I'm sure glad I did.

Some of them are my own creation, some of them are shamelessly stolen.


Here's a partial list of those whose meaning should be clear:

  • Reprehensative
  • Crapital


And some that may be less clear:

  • Commissar - generally reserved for the overbearing, busy-body, nanny-staters that occupy my county commission.
  • BABE - Bad Ass Bob Etheridge, the terror of student reporters, fearless fighter of blind kittens and connoisseur of grape and grain.
  • Snooze and Disturber - our local legacy media and leftist yellow sheet
  • Demonrat - the party of Evil.  And the Clintons.  But I repeat myself.
  • SCOAMF - Stuttering Clusterfuck Of A Miserable Failure, commonly assigned to Barry Obama.
  • TOTUS - Teleprompter Of The United States  What, you think Obama's Chicago thug brain actually comes up with the stuff he says?
  •  San Fransicko - Sodom-By-The-Bay,  the center of depravity and stupidity in the country.  Also the home of Nancy Pelosi.  But there I go repeating myself again.
  • D-Bags - The nozzle nuzzlers of the Demonrat Party
  • Proglodyte - (prog•luh•DITE) - noun - slang - A derisively accurate pejorative likening a Progressive to a blind, amphibious cave dweller. The term has a delicious irony in that the Progressive expects us to live like troglodytes as penance for their comfortable lifestyles issuing decrees from their posh salons.


More will be added as I come up with them.