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We’ll do it live! Part 4

Posted by Knitebane

Point upgrade to WordPress 3.4.1 completed.

As usual, drop me a line if you notice any issues.


We’ll do it live! Part 3

Posted by Knitebane

Well that kind of sucked.

If you're now reading this then this blog has been updated to Ubuntu 12.04 and WordPress 3.4.

There was a bit of a SNAFU this morning that took us offline for a bit but I believe it's sorted now.

If you notice any issues please drop me a line.


We’ll do it live! Part 2

Posted by Knitebane

If you're reading this, the operating system running this machine has been upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 and the WordPress code has been upgraded to 3.3.1.

So far, everything appears to be working and some of the broken things from the earlier version seem to be gone.


We’ll do it live! Part 1

Posted by Knitebane

If you're reading this then it worked and this blog is running on its own virtual machine instead of co-located with my other web sites.

That was part one. Part two will be to upgrade to a newer OS and version of WordPress. That will happen sometime this weekend.

So expect the lights to flicker a bit. I've got good backups should anything go awry. I think.