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It is the loose ends with which men hang themselves. Range Report – April 29th, 2012

Posted by Knitebane

Today we finally got a chance to do some rifle shooting. We have an excellent place to shoot pistol in PDHSC but finding a rifle range near Johnston County has been problematic.

The Wake County range is well constructed but run by the government with all the senselessness that only a government operation can entail. WT's in Goldsboro is a very nice range with very nice automatic target stands but the range is limited and it's very small. They are also closed on Sunday which is the only day me and Mrs. Knitebane both have off.

Range 37 in Bunn Level is pretty good but last weekend we got stiffed. They posted on their Facebook page last Sunday morning, "It's a nice day. Come shoot with us. Open until 7pm." So we loaded up the car and got there at 5pm only to see a big sign that says, "Closed early." Oh, and a gun buster sign on the front door.

What gun range has this?

Note that sign carefully. Does it say, "No loaded weapons"? No. Does it say, "Concealed carry okay. Please keep it holstered"? No.

It says no concealed weapons. Per that sign I can't even unload my carry piece and put it back in my holster.

So, not a big fan.

But we found a new place. It's a bit of a hike and it's rather primitive (They just got indoor plumbing. No kidding.) but they have pistol stalls with retractable targets, a reactive target area, several 25 yard short range rifle stalls, several 100 yard long range rifle stalls and 2 dual-purpose 25/100 yard stalls. Each of the rifle stalls has a bench rest cradle and a spotting scope. All the stalls are covered and on a concrete pad.

It also wasn't very crowded on a bright, pretty Sunday afternoon so I'm not sure I want to advertise it. If you're really interested in using it drop me a line privately and we'll talk.

I had a number of things on my to-do list:

1. I removed the spacer from the red dot on my WASR and needed to sight it back in.
2. I needed to test out ammo from Georgia Arms in my FAL.
3. Mrs. Knitebane's WASR underfolder got a recoil pad and needed testing.
4. The Mosin got a recoil pad and it needed testing too.

We managed to get all of that done without issue. If we had time I wanted to run some targets out to the 100 yard line and see what my WASR could do at that range but we simply ran out of time.

I zeroed my WASR to the limit of the 1 MOA red dot. After a few bounces around with the bench rest I started punching one big hole in the X. The Primary Arms red dot feels less ungainly now that I've lowered it down by removing the spacer. The Texas Weapons Systems rail I have planned for it should lower it enough to do a 1/3 co-witness.

The FAL feeds the Georgia Arms 150 gr. "Canned Heat" rounds flawlessly. Any issues with the Tula remain strictly with the Tula. Oddly, the Tula runs fine in Mark of a Free Man's DSArms SA-58 FAL clone even if my FAL hates it. So I sold all of my Tula .308 to him. His only problem is cheap mags that fall apart under recoil but he's ordered some Thermold mags which run just fine.

The recoil pad on Mrs. Knitebane's WASR makes it shoot as nice as my MagPul CTR stock on my WASR. It still folds up quite small even with the pad still attached and I've also added a Draco-type sling mount under the pistol grip. It still needs a cheek rest though.

The recoil pad on the Mosin tames the recoil considerably. It feels about as heavy as the FAL now instead of the shoulder-wrecker it used to be. I really wanted to see how it shoots at 100 yards but we ran out of time.

Sadly we forgot to take the camera so no pictures this time.

All I have left on my longer term to-do list is to take the Saiga 12 out and get the TAC-47 gas system adjusted so I can shoot both low brass birdshot and slugs. It does slugs okay but birdshot requires manually racking the bolt. I thought I had it fixed and then partially unscrewed the gas plug by accident and it wouldn't cycle anything at all. Now that I've fixed that it *should* work fine but it still needs a testing.

Next week is the Dixie Fun Show at the NC State Fairgrounds so probably no more rifle range trips for a couple of weeks.