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I aint dead yet you bushwhacker.

Posted by Knitebane

Just around election time I got so completely pissed off at the stupidity spewing from the idiot box in the living room and from the radio in my car that I just laid low.  It's not a good idea for me to post when I'm that mad.

I stayed mad, and busy, after the election and over the holidays.  In the last few weeks, though, it reached its peak and now I'm coming back down.

I noticed that it's just the usual suspects of the pro-holocaust crowd that are dancing in the blood of the dead and injured in Tucson.  After Oklahoma City and after Columbine the hue and cry came from a much larger base of idiots than what we are seeing now.  Of course it's not just the idiot Democrats.  Reprehensative Peter King has called for Congress to pass a law giving him a magic bubble of 1000 feet that will travel with him wherever he goes and keep him safe from gun owners.

He's a helpful tip, Petey.  Just stay in New York.  You asshats keep everyone there disarmed anyway so there's not much chance of running into a law-abiding gun owner.  Maybe your magic bubble will let you sleep at night.

But like Arty Doyle's dog that didn't bark, the lack of the thunder of the cloven hooves of Democrats to the idea of more gun control is the telling thing.  Even Chuckie Schumer (who never met a gun he didn't want to ban) hasn't uttered a peep about new gun laws.

Seeing that, I'm pretty convinced that most on the left have realized that gun control is a loser for them.  After Heller and McDonald put most of the gun laws in the country on fairly shaky legal ground that's probably a politically wise realization.   Or maybe they sense the danger.  They know that gun control has historically been first pushed on minorities.  Gun control has its roots in racism.  The very last thing the Dims want is to find themselves shackled to a charge of racism.  They are losing the independents.  If they lose minorities the Democrat Party will consist of a few morons in New York City and Berkeley and their faithful friends in the South that still keep a white hood in the closet, though what those guys will do without the late Senator Robert Byrd (Klan, WV) to lead them to the fiery cross I have no idea.

I've even heard a few peeps of some action that might actually do something to prevent another Tucson-like event.  Jared Loughner is deranged.  His teachers knew it.  His classmates knew it.  The Army knew it.  The Pima County Sherrif's Department knew it. And none of them were legally able to tell the FBI about it so that they could deny him a firearm purchase via the NICS background check.  The rules for getting someone adjudicated mentally ill are so strict and unforgiving that even Loughner's death threats weren't enough to get him on the no-buy list.   I've heard some calls for taking a look at those rules to see if something can't be done to get people like him off the street.  No sane or law-abiding person should EVER be denied self-protection. To some, this is a dilemma. How do you keep guns out of the hands of the insane and the criminals without infringing on the civil rights of the rest?

No dilemma at all. First, you don't infringe on the rights of anyone that's not locked up. And then you lock up dangerous people until they aren't dangerous anymore. See how simple it is?

So I'm back. Some stuff I'm going to catch up on and make commentary. Some stuff I'm going to just let go.

Stay tuned over the next few days for new range reports. There have been some new arrivals at The Manor and I'm itching to tell about them.