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In re Congressman Todd Akin, Senate Candidate for Missouri

Posted by Knitebane

Dear Demonrats,

Please let's get Juanita Broderick to discuss how sensitive you are about rape. Tell you what, you boot Bill Clinton out of your party and we'll talk about Akin, okay? Until then, shut up.

Dear Republicans,

Todd Akin said a stupid thing. More than that, he said a stupid and wrong thing. He has since come out and said so. Now leave it alone and help him win. If we booted every stupid Republican out of office the Demonrats would run the country.

Oh wait, they do. Gosh, how did that happen?

Maybe because anytime a Republican does something stupid you flay him alive? The Demonrats don't even have to beat you in a fair fight, you're desperate to do the job for them. I can't imagine why you don't have the best and brightest lining up to run for office.

You aren't called the Stupid Party for nothing it seems.

How about you Breitbart up?

Them: Akin is all insensitive and stuff!!!
You: So?

Then make McCaskill beat Akin in an election rather than rolling over for her. If he wins you can chastise him all you want. Send him to sensitivity training. Throw some rocks at him. I'll help you hold him down and you can make him eat sand if you want.

But first, win.