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Well that sucked.

Posted by Knitebane

Some time ago we moved the server that runs this blog off onto a cloud service. Eliminating the occasional outages caused by power and network issues made it well worth the cost to move to a paid service. In fact, as we could switch from a DSL circuit with fixed IP addresses to a cable Internet service we actually managed to both decrease the cost and increase our downward bandwidth.

The move was fortunate as we got caught up in the mess of Hurricane Matthew.

While this:


... is a ways up the road from us, we got our share of flooding.


... is just down the street from the Manor proper.

The power went out around 2pm on Saturday and didn't return until about 8pm Sunday. The cable Internet didn't come back until about 2pm today.

Staying put seemed like the order of the day. Three people who decided to venture out won't be going home again.

A functioning generator, a good supply of LED lights and batteries and some good books substituted for web browsing and Netflix.

Oh by the way. Did you know that a Keurig 2.0 won't run properly on a generator? I didn't before.

Fortunately I had this in reserve: A propane-powered coffee pot.