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So somebody’s just gonna have to go out there and take one for the team.

Posted by Knitebane

Let me get this right on out there. I hate Starbucks. Their business model seems to include bumping up the price of a commodity in order to make it appear to be exclusive, then marketing that exclusivity to everyone.

Still, it seems to be working though I have no idea why. The brand appears to be extremely successful despite the fact their flagship product tastes like the dishwater used to clean a barbecue grill.

I have a Cuisinart K-cup brewer at home, a portable Keurig for the road and a Keurig B60 at work. I have probably 4 or 5 different kinds of coffee (in boxes of 24) on hand at any one time. I LIKE coffee and more to the point, I like coffee that tastes good.

Starbucks' coffee doesn't meet that criteria.

So when I tell you that I've pulled up to a Starbucks today and bought a cup of their wretched concoction as a symbol of solidarity with my fellow gunnies, you now know what that has cost me personally.

Here you go, gun community. I've taken one for the team.

This stuff really, really sucks.