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“I want an Oompa-Loompa!’ screamed Veruca.”

Posted by Knitebane

Robb Allen started it. All the cool kids are doing it. So here are my most wanted guns:

Colt Monitor
R80 Colt Monitor - The Colt Monitor was the most modern of the Browning Automatic Rifles. The bipod was deleted but it had a pistol grip, an 18-inch barrel and a 4 inch Cutts compensator on the end. It weighs in at around 16 lbs. making it a true lightweight, shoulder-fired machine gun. Only about 125 were made and 90 of these went to our illustrious Funded But Incompetent

For a shotty, I want a SPAS-15. Some will recall the SPAS-12 which gave the anti's a case of PSH. Well, Luigi Franchi S.p.A. has actually done one better. The SPAS-15 has a folding stock, top rail and a unique semi-auto/pump hybrid action but uses box magazines instead of an underbarrel tube. Still banned by the BATFE, though.

Assault rifle time! Behold the SAKO Rk 62. This is essentially a clone of the Soviet AK-47 but built to Finnish military tolerances. The flimsy dust cover of the AK is replaced with a more substantial item capable of (and fitted with) tritium night sights. The longer sight radius and better machining make the gun commonly known as simply the Valmet into a minute-of-angle AK.

For a hand cannon I rully rully want a Coonan. Now that Dan Coonan is making them again this gun is actually on my todo list. Oh yes, .357 Magnum boominess in a 1911 platform. Yes, my precious.

I already own one of these. I guess I'd take another, maybe with a 4-inch barrel. The Ruger Security Six has the distinction of being a gun that deliberately made no money for its builder. Designed as a workhorse revolver to break into the market, it was over-engineered, ruggedly built and nearly indestructible. Once the S&W and Colt stranglehold on the DA revolver market was pried open Ruger promptly dropped the Security and Service Sixes and replaced them with the GP100. Now I like the GP100 just fine but it's not a Security Six.

I'm sure that someone somewhere has broken a Security Six. Shooting through a squib or dropping it from 35,000 feet might do it. Maybe. There are well documented reports of 3 million rounds through a Security Six. I'm tempted to ask to be buried with mine.

Ok, ok. No Security Six because I own one? Fine!

In 1871 the Tsar of all the Russias Alexander II the Liberator, sent General Alexander Gorlov to Smith & Wesson to negotiate for a run of 20,000 Number 3 pistols. While the standard caliber of the the Number 3 at the time was the .44 S&W American, that round was externally lubricated. The Russian Army preferred a round that wouldn't pick up external debris and degrade the bore so S&W developed the .44 S&W Russian. Once the first batch of pistols reached Russia, the Russian Army promptly started reverse engineering it so they could clone them without paying Smith & Wesson. This left S&W with a bunch of pistols in an odd caliber with no buyer. It nearly bankrupted them. Today a decent Number 3 Russian can go for $3000. A documented "shipped to Russian and used by the Russian Army" Number 3 Russian is nearly priceless. I'll take one.


If regret could be harvested, Russia would be the world’s fruit-basket.

Posted by Knitebane

I've wanted another Ruger Security Six for a long time.  Everyone has their story about kicking themselves for selling something and regretting it and this one is mine.

As a youngster I picked up a stainless Security Six with a six inch barrel.  It had been sent off to a fledgling company called Mag-na-port and returned with two holes cut in the sides of the barrel, a red ramp front sight and a white outline rear sight.  I replaced the factory wooden grips with Pachmyar Presentation grips. It was a fantastic target shooter.  The weight helped manage the recoil and the Mag-na-port wiped out the muzzle flip.

Then, being young and stupid, I decided that I needed something else worse and sold it.  Feel that?  Yes, that's my regret.  Yes, you can feel it from there.

A .357 Magnum target pistol hasn't really been high on the list of needs even if it's been high on the list of wants, so I've held off picking one up on Gunbroker.  A functional 12 gauge shotgun for home defense, a battle rifle, a sniper deer rifle, all of these have been higher on the need list.

So while I've pined for one, I haven't been able to justify spending money on a nice-to-have when there are still slots in the need-to-have that remain unfilled.

Apparently Mrs. Knitebane didn't see it that way.  The week before Christmas she spotted a Sec Six at our Merchant of Death in Wendell, NC and drove up there and bought it.

This one isn't mine.  It's an image I found on Google.  I'll replace it with a picture of mine soon.

You see, Mrs. Knitebane is of Russian descent.  She understands regret.  So she took the decision out of my hands.