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So about Johnston County Commissioner Tony Braswell

Posted by Knitebane

Tony Braswell is a Johnston County NC Commissioner.  His day job is with Triangle East Realty.  His Facebook profile lists him as Owner/Partner at Triangle East Realty, LLC. In fact, he gets his email at as I noted in this post.

Triangle East Realty, LLC in Smithfield, NC is a real estate development firm that buys, sells, rents and builds houses.  Part of Triangle East Realty is a building contractor called Summerlin Builders, Inc.  The contact listed for Summerlin Builders is Randy Summerlin.

With me so far?

Tony Braswell is a Johnston County Commissioner.  The Johnston County Commissioners appoint a number of county boards.  One of them is the planning board.  (Select Planning Board and hit "View Detailed Information About Board")

What does the Planning Board do?

 The function of the Board is to consider plans for subdivisions, mobile home park developments and zoning issues according to regulations adopted by the County and carry out advisory responsibility to the Board of Commissioners.

And who was appointed to the planning board by the Johnston County Board of Commissioners?

Randy Summerlin 
Smithfield, NC
Term Expires: February 28, 2013

There is more to the relationship than a working relationship but I've hit a brick wall and can't connect the rest of the dots I have collected.  All I can say for sure is that Randy Summerlin's late wife's name was Marlene Braswell Summerlin. But that's probably just a coincidence, right?

And Crystal Summerlin Johnson, Randy Summerlin's daughter, is listed as the primary realtor at Triangle East Realty.

So what we have here are a house buyer/seller, and house builder and the guy that zones those houses all working for the same company. And at least two of them are related, possibly all three. And two of them are in county government positions that make the rules for building houses.



And apparently Tony Braswell is rather sensitive about cronyism.  When confronted on Facebook about his August vote on the noise ordinance and about the relationship between Cookie Pope (Johnston County Commissioner and partner at Mast Law Firm) and the current Johnston County attorney, Braswell had Denise Rentz (the Johnston County GOP chair and JoCo GOP Facebook page moderator) pull the post.

But that's okay.  I got screen shots of it.  A separate post about Pope and Mills will be coming up.