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Charity begins at home.

Posted by Knitebane

And fellow gunnies are family.

Queen of Snark Tam has been told she has an operable cancer. Being "self-unemployed," as she calls it, she's without health insurance.

As usual, the gunny community has stepped up.

Zercool is having a drawing for one of two Dragon Leatherworks holsters.
Rimfire Designs is having a drawing for a set of grips for a Colt 1911 or Browning Hi-Power pistol.
Angus is raffling an AR lower for those of you with feral poodle issues.
OldNFO is raffling a Colt Diamondback revolver and Michael will throw in a holster, a gift certificate for Brownells had been added by The Nerds, Joe Spear of Jackalope Rifle Company has donated an hand-made hand cannon and Phlegmfatale has joined the fray by donating a hand-made necklace.  Quite a haul.

Erin is putting together a care package. Send her email at erin DOT palette AT gmail DOT com to get information on how to contribute.

You can also hit Tam's tip jar directly by going HERE:


And click that.

That puts cash straight into her pocket.  Yeah, it's PayPal.  Yes, they suck.  MTFU and do it anyway.  Besides, the raffles all require you to contribute to the PayPal account anyway.  Just review the links first to see what the ante is.