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How bad does it have to be before the NRA gets involved?

Posted by Knitebane

Well the Johnston County Commissioners are about to find out, because now the NRA is involved:

North Carolina: Johnston County Board of Commissioners Want to Shut Down Target Shooting on Private Property!

Posted on August 30, 2012

Thanks to the vocal and supportive NRA members in North Carolina, attention has been brought to a looming threat regarding target shooting on private property in Johnston County.

On August 6, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners voted to approve a new noise ordinance that is clearly designed to put an end to the practice of recreational shooting on private property.  A second required vote will take place next Tuesday, September 4, in the Commissioner’s Room at the Johnston County Courthouse Annex at 6:00 p.m.

Please make plans to attend this scheduled meeting to encourage the County Board of Commissioners to reject this ordinance!  The address is 207 East Johnston Street, Smithfield, NC 27577. 

Leg-Ribbon-Contact If you cannot attend this meeting in person, please contact members on the County Board of Commissioners and urge them to vote NO on this ordinance.  Contact information to members can be found here. Ribbon-Line

The issue of recreational shooting on private property has been an ongoing discussion in Johnston County.   In November 2010, there was a draft ordinance introduced that addressed recreational shooting.  Rather than pass what was a flawed proposal, however, the Board of Commissioners agreed to establish the Good Neighbors Firearms Ordinance Work Group.  This was made up of several Johnston County residents who were interested in the issue.  After several meetings in 2011, a compromise was reached, and the commissioners adopted the new ordinance on March 7, 2011.

While the issue appeared to be resolved, in March 2012, a group of residents from the Oak Ridge Subdivision appeared before the commissioners to raise a complaint about a single neighbor who was discharging firearms on his property.  The group again appeared before the commissioners in May 2012 with the same complaint.  According to the published minutes of these meetings, the commissioners stated they would investigate the situation.  At the May meeting, the minutes indicate no legal violation had been uncovered in the investigation, but the County Attorney was instructed to draft a letter to the individual against whom the complaints were made “informing him of the concerns by the Oak Ridge Subdivision residents.”  The County Attorney was also instructed “to research the matter and determine if the situation could be declared a nuisance.”

Nothing more was discussed by the Commission in subsequent meetings that related to recreational shooting on private property.  In July, the commissioners took up a proposed amendment to the local ordinance regulating commercial shooting ranges.  The approved minutes for the July meeting indicate this hearing was advertised to the public in The Smithfield Herald on two dates prior to the meeting.  The Commission adopted the new ordinance, and the minutes reflect that it was “pointed out that the proposed amendment would not affect or change the existing Firearms Ordinance which allows for personal shooting on private property with established restrictions.”

Unfortunately, it appears something led the commissioners to decide that “personal shooting on private property” was something the county no longer desired.  At the August meeting, with apparently no notification to the public, the commissioners voted to approve sweeping changes to the Noise Ordinance that will shut down recreational shooting on private property in Johnston County.  The ordinance declares the “discharge of a firearm or firearms in such a manner as to create an unreasonably loud or disturbing noise” to be prohibited.  The only exceptions would be for lawful hunting, protection of person or property, “or when used pursuant to lawful directions of law-enforcement officers.”   Fortunately, this secretive action is not the last word, as one member of the Board was not present.  Due to Commissioner W. Ray Woodall’s absence, the Board will have to vote a second time on the ordinance.

This outrageous overreaction to, apparently, a single incident of a dispute among neighbors in one community, must be reversed.  Again, please contact members of the Johnston County Board of Commissioners and urge them to reject this new ordinance, and stick to the agreed regulations worked out by the Good Neighbors Firearms Ordinance Work Group in 2011.  Contact information can be found by clicking here.


Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel

Posted by Knitebane

And I responded thusly:

Chairman Mims,

I don't have a problem with what you suggesting that I read the whole thing but rather with the way you suggested it along with the remarks you made earlier at the working group.  I guess an apology is not forthcoming.

Very well.

G.S. 14-409.40 puts limits on the power of local authorities to put restrictions on firearms.  This is not in dispute.

The rest of the section includes certain exceptions.  It appears in the referral to G.S. 153A-129 that you do have the authority to regulate some restrictions.  I think there's plenty of room to argue that constitutionally, you don't.  Those exceptions were put in quite a while ago.  The national trend is against allowing local authorities to trump civil rights.

The real question is this:  Why are you so determined to find out?

Wouldn't it be better for everyone if you just fixed the problem at hand, namely negligent gunfire, rather than trying to turn all of Johnston County into Cary?



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So the EPA’s in this too…

Posted by Knitebane

The more time passes, the more I have to say that this administration has to be the most inept and ham-handed bunch of losers that have ever held public office.

With the mid-term elections less than three months away, with Demonrats on the ropes in elections all over the country, with the bad taste of Obamacare still in the public's mouth, with the bribes, kickbacks, foreign policy blunders, deceit and overt racism of this administration, the EPA decided that NOW was a good time to go for a backdoor ban of ammunition.

Bill Clinton figured it out in 1994. The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban was the final straw that drove the Republican take over of the U.S. House and Senate. After that, he ran from gun control like it was a jealous husband. Since then, most Demonrats have just left gun control alone knowing that it's a deal killer. Yeah, it might play to the far-left loons, but come re-election time it's like being a pedophile. Actually worse as the left tends to actually embrace pedophiles.

So now, with all that's besetting the Obama Regime, the EPA decides that now is a good time for this. Completely and utterly idiotic.

One can only imagine the torrents of profanity-laced phone calls from embattled Demonrat Congresscritters directed at the EPA largely saying, "NOT NOW YOU FOOLS!!!"

And so the EPA folded. It didn't just deny the petition to ban ammo, it even said that it doesn't have the authority to do so even if it wanted to.

Not like that would stop them if they did want to, but it's a clear signal that they aren't just pulling back on the ammo ban, but they're pulling back and declaring themselves out of the game.

It won't really help though. We've watched the Obama-ites run roughshod over laws, regulations and even the Constitution. When it's less politically charged they'll try this again and no mealy-mouthed platitudes from Dear Leader will make any of us think any differently.

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