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If someone tries to kill you, you kill them right back.

Posted by Knitebane

Today, via Of Arms and The Law I was made aware of an interesting story.

As little as five years ago the use of a firearm for defensive purposes by a non-badged civilian was considered a myth and not worth discussing in the legacy media.

But today the Noo Yawk Daily News has an online article about a woman who shoots an intruder. With a handgun. And the article correctly describes the weapon. And it doesn't call for her arrest. And it doesn't weep and wring hands over the "poor youth that was just about to get his life back together." And it prints a picture with her HOLDING THE GUN. CORRECTLY!

Now no, we aren't in bizarro world just yet. Thy NYDN failed to note that doing what this lady in Alabama did would land her in jail in the People's Democratic Republic of New York. And that Bloomberg is almost as much of a hoplophobe as Chicago's Mayor Daly is.

Still, the progess we've made is breathtaking.

Mrs. Knitebane said it was "a miracle."

I have to agree.