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I just don’t see how Romney gets there…

Posted by Knitebane

After Sean posted his prediction, I've been running the numbers and I have bad news.  I think Sean's being a tad optimistic and for those people who are predicting a huge blowout, well, sorry folks but I just don't see how Romney gets to 400 electoral votes, much less 489.

Reagan's record for the most EVs of a non-incumbent will stand. 

But Romney'll do okay:

Where I differ with Sean is that I think that He Who Shall Not Be Named keeps Minnesota and Nevada in his column.  Minnesota didn't even vote for Reagan and Romney's no Reagan.  And Dingy Harry has a lock on the Nevada brothel and organized crime machine.  He'll deliver for the SCOAMF.

I've heard rumors that people in New Jersey are pissed very upset with Obama over his non-reaction to the utter devastation along the coastline and that will put 14 more EVs in the Romney column. I've even heard some wild fantasies that New York may be in play due to the storm response.

I don't think so.  Not that it's not possible, but because the very people who are most upset are unlikely to be either able or willing to trek across the war-zone to polling places that may not exist.  If the election were to be held in three more weeks then I'd be more willing to accept that as that would give the survivors enough time to dig out and restore a modicum of civilization to the area.  But people still ripping out their sea-water saturated carpet to have a dry place to lay down and people wondering if they're going to freeze to death on Monday night or have more flooding are not going to venture out and vote.

And even Governor Christy's declaration that his constituents can vote by email or fax won't change much.  After all, when your computer is corroded to junk by salt water and your power's been out for a week, what good will that do?  In fact, this move will make it more likely that the Demonrat machines will just use this crisis to further their grip.  No, NY and NJ stay safe for The Lightbringer.

Now all we have to worry about is whether the east coast can survive round two and what new destruction the Jug-Eared Fool will impose on us by executive fiat before he's booted out in January. Well, that and the riots.  Listen folks, I'm not really the panicky type but when Massad Ayoob says to worry, it's time to worry.