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A response (sort of) from the Greensboro News & Record

Posted by Knitebane

Today I got this in response to my email to Amanda Lehmert, though not from her. Rather I got a note from one of the minions of John Robinson (the editor) by the name of Theresa Apple:

From: "Theresa Apple"
To: "Knitebane"

For verification purposes please forward your address and telephone

I responded thusly:

Ms. Apple,

I'm sorry, verification? Of what?

Does where I live have anything to do with the content of my message?
You have everything you need in my message to Ms. Lehmert so publish it
or don't.

I'll publish anything the News and Record sends to me without any such
"verification" on my blog.

And if "verification" is so dreadfully important why did you not include
your address and your telephone number?


Rich Shappard

I expect I'll get some kind of doublespeak about how it's "policy" or "standard practice" to keep a record of those that disagree with their people.

I'll keep posting whatever comes in.