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I’m so glad that’s over.

Posted by Knitebane

Now that election season is over I can get back to worrying about things that matter more. Like crabgrass or that grungy stuff that builds up on the grab bar in my truck.

Now I keep hearing a rumour that there is actually still an election coming up that we should be paying attention to but let me put that rumour to rest.

There aren't any elections coming up that actually matter.

No matter who gets elected in June and November we will get more government.

It may be different kinds of government than we have now. It may be gun control instead of Sudafed control. It may be regulations that shut down U.S. jobs instead of regulations that make companies export jobs. It may be tax law cutouts or tax money handouts to Lockheed Martin instead of Planned Parenthood.

Or it might be exactly the same kind of government, just more of it. Like more Medicare Part D instead of more Obamacare. Or more NSA snooping instead of more TSA groping. Or a Bush-appointed Supreme court justice instead of a Clinton-appointed Supreme Court justice that tells us Obamacare is a tax except when it isn't.

But rest assured that it won't be *less* government.

And I have to give Hillary and Bernie the credit. They never say they're going to give us less government. That's why the battle for the Democrat slot isn't of interest because they don't claim to be for smaller government. That's been the job of the lying crapweasles of the GOP. But now those guys are history.

Trump squashed the GOP douchebags that say that they represent us and want to reduce government even though by now we ought to know better. Now that there is no one left running that pretends to be such a person I can stop worrying and learn to love the decline.

Maybe next time the GOP will run some people that actually have a history of reducing the size of government and removing regulations and repressive laws so we can be more free.

And maybe my crabgrass will turn into a money tree.

But at least I don't have to listen to a bunch of lies about how a vote for GovSenator Marly Cruzbushitch is going to get the government off my back. The GOP has spent the last few decades saying that if we just give them power they'll do the right thing. Then they get in office and do the right thing...for themselves and their donors. We get screwed.

So we gave them Trump. Now who's screwed?

And spare me the debate on who Trump is going to pick as a running mate. Unless it's Trump/SMOD 2016 then it's all for show.

Here's the only question that matters:

Goo Gone or Simple Green to get that grunge off my grab bar?