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Stop it.

Posted by Knitebane

On the rare occasion when I actually venture on to the Facebook I see it melting down over Donald Trump. Previously reasonable people are finding a bunch of reasons to decide that he's the Anti-Christ or something. These people come in two types: those that really don't pay attention to politics and those that pay too much attention to politics. And both of those attitudes are causing them to lose sight of the real issue.

Since the election of 1984 there really hasn't been much of a difference between the Democrat and Republican candidate. Oh, the Republican will talk about lower taxes and be more hawkish about overseas entanglements. The Democrat will say how scary the Republican is and how that crazy right-winger will ban abortion/put blacks back in chains/put guns on the streets. But when they get in office they generally do the same things.

One will shift the tax burden from one bunch to another, one will expand one department instead of another, one will invade one country instead of another. Very little difference in actual results though. No one since Ross Perot has said that maybe we better stop the trend of globalization and handing over our sovereignty to multi-national corporations and non-governmental organizations. When Perot talked about that sucking sound of jobs heading to Mexico both Clinton and the elder Bush said nothing. They were on the same side.

Andrew Breitbart said that politics is downstream from culture. A large number of Americans are noticing that we're being told that our American culture sucks by our supposed betters. Everything Americans do is wrong, we should be more like Europe, or Asia, or Africa. Of course, most people saying that have never been to Europe or Asia or Africa. Or if they have been overseas they've gone as tourists, happy to exploit the people that bring them drinks and towels for American dollars.

They don't see that even in the "richest" Europeans socialist paradises the typical citizen (or subject) there has a standard of living that hovers around what we in America would call the poverty level. And that they can only afford to be socialists because they don't have to spend hardly anything on defence. Team America: World Police has them covered. But still, a lot of the chattering class want us to be more like that.

You know what? A lot of people in this country *like* this country. They don't mind change, but they're not all that keen on changing just anything. Or everything. Or especially at the expense of the American people. And they're really not keen on watching a couple of people on stage debate on how best to strip us of our language and culture and heritage and export our jobs overseas.

Sadly, that's all we've really seen during the past few decades of presidential contests. No candidate has really expressed the idea that maybe America isn't all that bad and those problems we do have would be better solved by applying more American ideas to them rather than less.

And along comes Trump. He's not afraid to say he's proud to be American. He taps into that cultural unease that people feel. That worry that somehow we're losing what made us the nation that feeds the world, and beat the Japanese Empire, and harnessed the atom, and went to the moon. We've never been perfect but we're still a damn sight better than the rest.

I'd rather it not be a fast-talking New York real estate developer that is finally saying the things we've been waiting to hear. I really would. I'd rather it be a guy that has more emphasis on the other cultural values that the majority of Americans hold. But we weren't offered that.

And it's no surprise. The back benches from *both* major parties (and let's not fool ourselves, the next occupant of the White House, all 435 Congressional seats and all 100 Senate seats will be from one of the two major parties) have been groomed with the same larger government, job-exporting, global corporation supporting, unlimited immigration attitudes. So we're going to get the same song from both sides. Only an outsider isn't afraid to say that they are both wrong.

So we get Trump. My biggest worry was his Supreme Court picks but he's published his list and it's pretty good. You're not going to find anyone on the Trump Administration that's going to be looking to make huge, surprising changes... if you know what to look for. Oh there will be a lot of screaming from the left about how *regressive* it is to require English for a citizen to talk to his government, or how we probably don't need to be Federally funding Womyn's Studies or The Failure of Patriarchy in 13th Century Literature when we're handing out H1B visas for engineers. But anything that isn't full Marxism gets called regressive by the harridans of the far left anyway so no big deal.

I get that there are people that have serious concerns about taxes and terrorism and crime and civil rights. I agree with them that these things are important. But if America ceases to be America what difference does it really make? You're safe from terrorism while standing in the unemployment line. Your tax burden is zero because you can't find a job. You have the right to bear arms but can't afford to buy ammo. Please explain to me how that's better.

The worst of the anti-Trumpers are those that go on and on about how he's been this or that in the past. Hey, are you seriously going to judge a man on the things he's done for the people he's partnered with at the time? That's how business works for cryin' out loud. You dance with who brung ya or you don't stay in business long. The other side of that is that as long as you are in partnership with someone, you don't stab them in the back. This is crazy talk for a politician but for a businessman it's just standard procedure.

And now Trump is partnering with the American people. He has a history of staying loyal to the people he partners with. He may not hold their values, but as long as he's in business with them, he'll not betray them. That's a bad thing?

"Read my lips! No new taxes!"
"The era of big government is over!"
"TARP was a breakthrough intervention in the free market.”
"If you like your insurance you can keep your insurance."

These are the legacies of people that think they know better than you.

Trump isn't one of them.

I know who I'm voting for.


I’m so glad that’s over.

Posted by Knitebane

Now that election season is over I can get back to worrying about things that matter more. Like crabgrass or that grungy stuff that builds up on the grab bar in my truck.

Now I keep hearing a rumour that there is actually still an election coming up that we should be paying attention to but let me put that rumour to rest.

There aren't any elections coming up that actually matter.

No matter who gets elected in June and November we will get more government.

It may be different kinds of government than we have now. It may be gun control instead of Sudafed control. It may be regulations that shut down U.S. jobs instead of regulations that make companies export jobs. It may be tax law cutouts or tax money handouts to Lockheed Martin instead of Planned Parenthood.

Or it might be exactly the same kind of government, just more of it. Like more Medicare Part D instead of more Obamacare. Or more NSA snooping instead of more TSA groping. Or a Bush-appointed Supreme court justice instead of a Clinton-appointed Supreme Court justice that tells us Obamacare is a tax except when it isn't.

But rest assured that it won't be *less* government.

And I have to give Hillary and Bernie the credit. They never say they're going to give us less government. That's why the battle for the Democrat slot isn't of interest because they don't claim to be for smaller government. That's been the job of the lying crapweasles of the GOP. But now those guys are history.

Trump squashed the GOP douchebags that say that they represent us and want to reduce government even though by now we ought to know better. Now that there is no one left running that pretends to be such a person I can stop worrying and learn to love the decline.

Maybe next time the GOP will run some people that actually have a history of reducing the size of government and removing regulations and repressive laws so we can be more free.

And maybe my crabgrass will turn into a money tree.

But at least I don't have to listen to a bunch of lies about how a vote for GovSenator Marly Cruzbushitch is going to get the government off my back. The GOP has spent the last few decades saying that if we just give them power they'll do the right thing. Then they get in office and do the right thing...for themselves and their donors. We get screwed.

So we gave them Trump. Now who's screwed?

And spare me the debate on who Trump is going to pick as a running mate. Unless it's Trump/SMOD 2016 then it's all for show.

Here's the only question that matters:

Goo Gone or Simple Green to get that grunge off my grab bar?