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I believe that if anything is worth doing, it would have been done already.

Posted by Knitebane

UPDATE:   Sitemeter sucks.  It's down regularly.  They don't answer support emails. I even tried to upgrade to their paid service and got no response.  Who doesn't answer email that wants to give them money?  Screw 'em. I've switched to StatCounter.  Reports are that they are quite reliable and as a bonus they have a WordPress plugin.


Posting has been spotty as I have changed jobs and am still trying to get my schedule to match the job schedule.

When I'm not working I'm also trying to find replacements for the Google services that I'm using.  I've already pulled Google Analytics from this site and replaced it with SiteMeter. Ads are probably next.

The biggest time sink is in building out a new mail and calendar server to give us here at the Manor a way to communicate and share data that doesn't let the hoplophobes at Google be part of the process.  I have a mail server in place now but it's old and cranky and the web front end sucks.  Building out a new system with good spam control and using the Horde IMP web front end is the current project.  As of about 2AM today I've got a functioning mail server prototype and now I have to build it out on the live network and migrate all of our existing mail.  A shared calendar system is also in the works.

I've already dumped Google Drive (the old Google Docs) and Google Reader for Box and NewsBlur respectively. Both of the new services are actually more useful than the Google services they replaced.

We're pretty deeply invested into Android so getting clear of that may be problematic. My push will be to eliminate as much Google as practical without disrupting normal work.  The other problem of course is to ensure that what we use to replace Google isn't as bad or worse.  That pretty much eliminates Microsoft and Apple. The demise of HP/Palm and the implosion of RIM means our smartphone options are kind of limited.  For our smartphones and tablets the best I can do is to move to the open source versions of Android like Cyanogenmod.    I"m already running Cyanogenmod7 on my phone and Cyanogenmod9 on my HP TouchPad so that just leaves the Android devices of Mrs. Knitebane.  The Logitech Revue/GoogleTV box may not be able to be modded.

The other difficult-to-replace service will be Google Voice.  I'm pretty well committed to having a single phone number that forwards to home, work and cell.

I've dumped most of Google+ and replaced it with nothing.  I'm still researching a replacement for the most useful part of Google+, the ability to take a picture with my Android phone and have it automatically upload somewhere.  Ideally it would upload to a server here in-house but I can live with a remote site.

Posting will continue to be light as I incorporate my new job and the Great Google Abandonment into my available waking hours.