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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by Knitebane

Despite the fact that Mrs. Knitebane has to work a 12-hour shift today, we're observing (more or less) the traditional turkey day festivities.  She at least gets to work from home today and it's been pretty quiet at Evil Telco the Lesser so she's got a turkey cooking. (sort of)

As it's just the two of us we generally just get a turkey breast and fixins and this year she's experimenting (I know!) using a crock-pot with the turkey breast, stuffing and cheese.

We had sort of planned to hit our local North Carolina barbecue buffet but they have limited hours today and her job being what it it she wanted an contingency plan in case she ended up on a support call and couldn't go eat.

So the turkey is actually Plan B. (what starts with "B"? Botulism?)

Actually it smells really good and the dogs are circling like sharks in the kitchen.  I think we're going to skip the buffet and just eat in.

Here's hoping everyone is having a good Thanksgiving.