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Knitebane Manor endorses Mitt Romney for President of these United States

Posted by Knitebane

You can live all your life in France, but if you weren't born there you aren't a Frenchman.  The same goes for England, Germany, Japan, China, Yemen and Vanuatu.

Only America is different.  You can be born here or elsewhere and still be, or at least become, an American.  You can be 90 years old and immigrate to American and become an American.

That's because America isn't a place.  America is a belief system.  To be an American is to believe in liberty and equality, to believe that no man is greater than the law, that people have natural rights that government is formed to protect.  To believe that America is great because America is good.  To believe in that shining city on the hill.

By his actions, Barack Obama has displayed that he does not believe in those things.  Regardless of what patch of earth he was born on, he's not an American.

Mitt Romney is.  He has displayed that all his life.  While I have serious concerns about whether Romney has always acted in accordance with those beliefs (Romney-care springs immediately to mind) his behavior over his lifetime indicates that he does believe in the principles of this country.

Barack Obama has not.  To the contrary, he has repeatedly indicated that he does not believe in, or want to believe in, the American values that define our country.  He has repeatedly demonstrated his disdain for American exceptionalism, his disregard for the sanctity of human life, and his disregard for Constitutional checks and balances.

While I have a great deal of trepidation about what pragmatic actions Mr. Romney might take to prop up our damaged economy, and what he may or may not do in the name of security, I am much more concerned about the actions that Barack Obama will take if re-elected.  I feel that the mountain of Mexican corpses that have resulted from his Fast & Furious gun-walking campaign are only a precursor to what he plans to do to those who does not share his dreams of social justice and redistribution of wealth.

To put a rather fine point on it, I doubt Mitt Romney will be comfortable having people killed to make a political point.  Obama has demonstrated that he has no particular concerns about doing so.

Therefore I will put my not-inconsiderable weight behind the Romney campaign.   I have not been, and am not really now, a Mitt Romney fan.  I did not vote for him in the primary.  If there was another American running against him I would seriously consider considering casting my vote elsewhere.  I would much rather back a serious constitutional conservative candidate.  I would rather have Herman Cain, or Sarah Palin, or Rand Paul as the Republican nominee.  I would rather the current Republican ticket were flipped.  I wish there was a better choice.

But there isn't.  There's just Romney and Obama.

And THAT choice is clear.


Romney/Ryan 2012