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Light a candle for the victims

Posted by Knitebane

The victims of gun control, that is.

Over two million people in the United States use a firearm to defend themselves from violent predators every year yet the whining hoplophobes of the gun ban movement continue to push their repulsive agenda.  The Sarah Bradys and Joan Petersons of the world want this boy unarmed in the face of four violent home invaders.  They want this widow and her infant son dead rather than their attacker.  We, the legally armed, dissent.

January 8th, 2012 is the one year anniversary of the shooting of a Congresswoman, a Federal judge and seventeen others by a deranged maniac in Tucson, AZ.  Rather than protest the actions of the Pima County Sherriff for failing to investigate the many reports of disturbing and illegal behavior of Jared Loughner, the usual gun ban advocates want to further disarm the law abiding public.

They have organized the usual useful fools in a candlelight vigil for the victims of so-called "gun violence", a term that they themselves have made up in order to disguise their gun-grabbing agenda. This they do rather than something useful, like push for an end to the revolving door of the criminal justice system that regularly puts violent felons back on the street.

We, the legally armed, have a better answer.  While we mourn the victims of all violence, especially those victims that have been disarmed by the state, we also refuse to submit.  We will not be forced into the slaughter. We posses the tools to stop violence. We will resist.

So here is my contribution to the candlelight vigil, along with the Rock Island 1911SC .45ACP and the Ruger LCR .357 Magnum that accompany me when I leave the house.

When Mrs. Knitebane takes to the streets, this Ruger SP101 DAO .357 Magnum goes with her.

H/T to Weerd Beard who thought of this.

Update: Thanks to reader Hellga who pointed out my typo. That is indeed an LCR, not the LCP. See Ruger? I told you it was too confusing.