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Don’t start nothin’, won’t be nothin'; Or, How NOT to be a gun blogger

Posted by Knitebane

Linoge over at Walls of the City lays out the case that Robert Farago of the blog The Truth About Guns, is a reprehensible character.

I've been not linking to TTAG for some time because of his plagiarism  and copyright infringement issues and I'm not the only one. 

But Farago's creepy treatment of Emily Miller at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, the very same conference where the Second Amendment Foundation gave him an award, prompted an angry email thread among a number of bloggers.  Linoge took it upon himself to fully document the depths of Farago's douchebaggery, threw up a Google Drive document and took inputs from all and sundry.

The result is a well-laid out case that Farago and TTAG not only need to be denied our linkage but actively exposed for the low-life worm that he is.

Sometimes it's not good enough to live and let live.  Sometimes you have to smoke the cockroaches out.

I'm sure Farago will have something stupid and churlish to say about this.  But that's just too damn bad.  He should refer to the title of the post.

Nice job Linoge.



In which Caleb Giddings beclowns himself. Again.

Posted by Knitebane

Caleb Giddings has an excellent record in competition shooting. Nothing that follows here should be considered an indictment of that. He should, however, stick to what he knows because it seems he's decided that expertise in competition makes him an expert in everything firearm related.

Giddings first made a name for himself by losing out to Adam Benson on the first season of Top Shot. Some may note that Benson is a first class prick person of questionable character. Granted, but that being true doesn't make Giddings a saint.

He gained further notoriety by allowing a crackhead to get inside his Tueller limit and was reduced to defending himself with a hot cup of coffee. Say, how does one go from failing to be able to use the firearm you're carrying to being an expert in self defense? Is there some kind of special coffee ninja school for that?

Since then he's made a habit of disparaging what other people carry to defend themselves. This is from the guy that was carrying a Beretta Jetfire in .25ACP. Don't get me wrong, a .25ACP is better than nothing and if it's all you've got that's what you carry. But those who do carry it should really refrain from disparaging what other people carry. Glass houses, stones, etc.

And yesterday he doubled down on stupid by denigrating someone who takes an attitude that it's dangerous out there and one should keep that in mind. Not surprising since lack of situational awareness is generally what lets "a member of the Indianapolis Choir Boy School of Good Men Who are Only Down on Their Luck" get close enough to be a threat.

These experiences, of course, make Caleb fully qualified to step up and denounce Colonel Jeff Cooper. He's dug down into his 26 or so years on this earth (and his vast and relevant experience in the unsung art of tactical insurance sales) and compared himself to Cooper's life and 20 or so published books. It seems Cooper has been found wanting.

By almost every example Giddings is a walking rejection of everything that Cooper put forth about gun fighting so it's not all that much of a stretch that he would go on record and state that he knows better than Cooper:

Caleb on June 27, 2012 at 10:52

As much as Jeff Cooper contributed to self-defense and the shooting sports, he wasn’t always right. I think that he gets a pass on a lot of the stuff he said because he was Jeff Cooper.

Sorry Caleb, but Jeff Cooper still knows more than you about self-defense and the shooting sports and he's been dead for five years.

Giddings is not averse to self-created notoriety, having posted a link to Rob Pincus' rant about open carry and then following it up with another post begging people to stop talking about open carry after a number of contrary responses from people like Robb Allen, Barron Barnett and Michael Bane.

He's furthered his willingness to show his ass by regularly talking smack about the contestants on later seasons of Top Shot seemingly forgetting his own contributions to the drama before he got himself sent home. His "drunkblogging" during last season's episodes was especially churlish and coming from someone that got beat out on a previous season it really comes off as sour grapes.

I started to wonder if he's really that self-absorbed or he's just pimping for hits on his site by being provocative but I decided that I just don't care.

Either way I'm not going to link to his site anymore.

This is unfortunate because Shelley Rae is an excellent contributor but Caleb's shown that he's either an attention whore or a douchebag and I'm not in the habit of subsidizing either.