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I love it when a plan comes together

Posted by Knitebane

The Mrs. and I spent the afternoon at the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center validating a few firearms.

I've been building my AK for the past couple of months (actually a WASR 10/63 which is a Romanian AKM semi-auto clone) and with the addition of the TAPCO Razr muzzle brake and the Primary Arms GEN 2 red dot (a US-made Aimpoint M4 clone) I was finally ready to run a few rounds through it.

After the outing to the Sooper Seekrit Gun Blog shoot, I've had some worries about my FAL. It had some issues with the Remington UMC ammo and I decided to try some Tula steel case to see if it ran okay. The Tula comes at a good price and would make nice plinking ammo if it cycled okay. Since the FAL is really hard on brass I'm not particularly worried about reloading it so the steel cases don't bother me.

And finally we've been readying the Remington 597 for the upcoming Appleseed shoot in Ramseur, NC. I've put a 4x scope on it and switched to a more reliable ammo so it needed a zeroing.

Other than running the blowers at full blast and trying to freeze us to death, and having one of the largest crowds I've ever seen at the Wake county range, it went pretty well.

We started with the Remington 597. This little rifle is fantastic. It's just a bit picky about ammo but .22LR is cheap enough that having to move up to a more expensive brand wouldn't be too bad. Strangely, it doesn't care a whole lot for the Federal. Or the Remington. Or even the CCI. It likes Armscor green dot, the high(er) velocity Filipino import stuff. Go figure. The scope is nothing to write home about either, a Barska 4x32 Plinker-22 all set up for the built-in 3/8" rail on the Remington.

See if you can see the spent brass in the air

I had bench zeroed the scope using a laser and it got the rifle close. A few clicks later and I was making one ragged hole at 25 meters in the bullseye. The Mrs. took a turn and put 10 rounds into a thumb-size area. Not bad for someone with no formal rifle training. I think that after Appleseed she's going to be tough to keep up with. The Armscor ammo did great. Consistent, pretty clean and I had ONE failure to fire out of 95 rounds. Not bad. I've got sling swivels and a GI sling on order. When they arrive this thing is done. The Mrs. likes mine enough now that we're going to start shopping for a Remington 597 for her too.

The Mrs. on the left. My final target on the right.

Next was the AK. Because of the new muzzle brake doing a bench zero with the laser was not all that good but the gun made a nice grouping if very high and to the left. A few clicks and I was again making one ragged hole. The Mrs. took a turn and also had a nice grouping. This is only the second time I've fired this gun and while it may not be a top-end item, the TAPCO Razr made a world of difference. There is almost zero muzzle lift now. The gun pushes straight back and the red-dot barely moves. Follow-up shots are quick and accurate. I'm a fan.

In full recoil

The above image shows what the Razr does. That's in full recoil.

The Primary Arms red dot is another winner. The glass is clear and gathers light rather well. The dot isn't blurred and even on the lowest settings it's easily visible against the target. On the higher settings it's VERY bright and kind of hard to look through indoors. An outdoor test is in order but so far I'm impressed.

The FAL was next and there was mixed news. The Tula ammo seems to shoot just fine and had none of the sticky chamber issues that the Remington UMC ammo had. It has a significant difference in power though and out of each 20-round magazine I'd get four or five light primer strikes. This is likely a gas regulation issue with the bolt not slamming all the way forward or perhaps just a dirty gun (I honestly can't remember the last time I oiled it, much less cleaned it) but I've ordered a spare firing pin just in case. Other than the few that didn't fire at all, once I got the gas system to cycle at all the ammo was VERY accurate and consistent. It's clean and non-corrosive so for plinking ammo it should be fine.

I love me some FAL

All in all a very good day at the range.

Dear Feral Trade Commision, I paid for all of the items reviewed here out of my own pocket. GFY.