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“I want an Oompa-Loompa!’ screamed Veruca.”

Posted by Knitebane

Robb Allen started it. All the cool kids are doing it. So here are my most wanted guns:

Colt Monitor
R80 Colt Monitor - The Colt Monitor was the most modern of the Browning Automatic Rifles. The bipod was deleted but it had a pistol grip, an 18-inch barrel and a 4 inch Cutts compensator on the end. It weighs in at around 16 lbs. making it a true lightweight, shoulder-fired machine gun. Only about 125 were made and 90 of these went to our illustrious Funded But Incompetent

For a shotty, I want a SPAS-15. Some will recall the SPAS-12 which gave the anti's a case of PSH. Well, Luigi Franchi S.p.A. has actually done one better. The SPAS-15 has a folding stock, top rail and a unique semi-auto/pump hybrid action but uses box magazines instead of an underbarrel tube. Still banned by the BATFE, though.

Assault rifle time! Behold the SAKO Rk 62. This is essentially a clone of the Soviet AK-47 but built to Finnish military tolerances. The flimsy dust cover of the AK is replaced with a more substantial item capable of (and fitted with) tritium night sights. The longer sight radius and better machining make the gun commonly known as simply the Valmet into a minute-of-angle AK.

For a hand cannon I rully rully want a Coonan. Now that Dan Coonan is making them again this gun is actually on my todo list. Oh yes, .357 Magnum boominess in a 1911 platform. Yes, my precious.

I already own one of these. I guess I'd take another, maybe with a 4-inch barrel. The Ruger Security Six has the distinction of being a gun that deliberately made no money for its builder. Designed as a workhorse revolver to break into the market, it was over-engineered, ruggedly built and nearly indestructible. Once the S&W and Colt stranglehold on the DA revolver market was pried open Ruger promptly dropped the Security and Service Sixes and replaced them with the GP100. Now I like the GP100 just fine but it's not a Security Six.

I'm sure that someone somewhere has broken a Security Six. Shooting through a squib or dropping it from 35,000 feet might do it. Maybe. There are well documented reports of 3 million rounds through a Security Six. I'm tempted to ask to be buried with mine.

Ok, ok. No Security Six because I own one? Fine!

In 1871 the Tsar of all the Russias Alexander II the Liberator, sent General Alexander Gorlov to Smith & Wesson to negotiate for a run of 20,000 Number 3 pistols. While the standard caliber of the the Number 3 at the time was the .44 S&W American, that round was externally lubricated. The Russian Army preferred a round that wouldn't pick up external debris and degrade the bore so S&W developed the .44 S&W Russian. Once the first batch of pistols reached Russia, the Russian Army promptly started reverse engineering it so they could clone them without paying Smith & Wesson. This left S&W with a bunch of pistols in an odd caliber with no buyer. It nearly bankrupted them. Today a decent Number 3 Russian can go for $3000. A documented "shipped to Russian and used by the Russian Army" Number 3 Russian is nearly priceless. I'll take one.