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I am overburdened. Gear Review: Tactical Baby Stroller

Posted by Knitebane

We have used several ranges around the Raleigh area.  None of them is perfect for us.  We chose PDHSC as our weekly range because of its location.  It's literally minutes from my job.

The downside to PDHSC, no rifle calibers and the lanes are only 20 yards long.  As we have mostly been shooting pistol this is reasonably sufficient, certainly not enough deficiencies to make us look elsewhere for our weekly shooting needs.  They have two bays, one is for general use and the other is one big open bay with some iron falling targets.  The general bay has a powered target retrieval system which makes for fast target changes.  You don't have to wait for everyone to go cold before you can swap out your targets.

Lately we've been using the Wake County Firearms Education and Training Center for our long gun needs.  It has four bays, each with 10 lanes although Bay 1 is generally reserved for law enforcement use.  Bay 2 is pistol only while standing and 50 yards, Bay 3 is pistol or rifle, standing or seated and 50 yards long, Bay 4 is rifle only, standing, seated or prone and 100 yards.

The Wake County range is far enough away that we tend to head over there with several rifles at a time.  It's not unusual to have the FAL, an AK or two, a .22LR and a Mosin or an Enfield.  This means a couple of cans ammo, two or three cased rifles, a range bag for each of us with tools, eyes and ears, chamber flags and cleaning gear and targets.  Don't forget a coat as the temperature is always unpredictable.   That's at least two trips to the car.

On some of the gunny websites I'd seen mentioned that three-gun competitors have had this same problem.  At least two long guns plus pistols, ammo and gear makes for quite a load.  Several of them have started modifying jogging strollers to be able to roll around a large amount of gear.

So I bought one of these:

It folds down surprisingly small.  I dragged it along to last week's Appleseed event.  The sun cover folds all the way forward making the seat into a nice gun case rack.  That leaves room in the chair part of the stroller for several ammo cans and the foot rest makes for a nice shelf in front that will handle a couple of stacked range bags.  There is also a lightweight compartment underneath for targets and cleaning gear and such.

The front wheel swivels for good manueverability but can be locked in the fore and aft position for stability. The rear wheels are independent so each one has its own brake. The two rear wheels can be removed with the push of a button on each side. With the back wheels off, the front wheel turned sideways and with the unit folded it fit in our Thule Alantis 2100.

We didn't use it at the RWVA range but we did use it from the car to the hotel room.  It worked great.  We could load up the rifles at the car, stack on some luggage and roll right into the room.  No lugging around of bags, no straps slipping off, no multiple trips.

We didn't get to use the stroller at the RWVA range itself because of the weather.  The range there turned to mud in the heavy rain and the thin little tires would have instantly sunk into the mire.  We left it in the car and it was back to schlepping back and forth through the mud with several loads of stuff.  After a long two days of shooting the final packup sucked.  I really wish we could have used the stroller.

The other area ranges that we go to from time to time all have pavement or gravel parking lots so this little buggy should see some pretty heavy use in the future.   If we end up going to the Ramseur or other ranges without hard surfaces I think I'll consider buying an additional, more off-road kind of stroller.  As I understand it they tend to be bigger and more robust and therefore take up a larger footprint even when folded so we'll probably stick to using the lightweight one for our regular range use and reserve the larger one for events where the beefier tires are really needed.
Dear FTC, I paid for this out of my own pocket. Drop dead.