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So the EPA’s in this too…

Posted by Knitebane

The more time passes, the more I have to say that this administration has to be the most inept and ham-handed bunch of losers that have ever held public office.

With the mid-term elections less than three months away, with Demonrats on the ropes in elections all over the country, with the bad taste of Obamacare still in the public's mouth, with the bribes, kickbacks, foreign policy blunders, deceit and overt racism of this administration, the EPA decided that NOW was a good time to go for a backdoor ban of ammunition.

Bill Clinton figured it out in 1994. The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban was the final straw that drove the Republican take over of the U.S. House and Senate. After that, he ran from gun control like it was a jealous husband. Since then, most Demonrats have just left gun control alone knowing that it's a deal killer. Yeah, it might play to the far-left loons, but come re-election time it's like being a pedophile. Actually worse as the left tends to actually embrace pedophiles.

So now, with all that's besetting the Obama Regime, the EPA decides that now is a good time for this. Completely and utterly idiotic.

One can only imagine the torrents of profanity-laced phone calls from embattled Demonrat Congresscritters directed at the EPA largely saying, "NOT NOW YOU FOOLS!!!"

And so the EPA folded. It didn't just deny the petition to ban ammo, it even said that it doesn't have the authority to do so even if it wanted to.

Not like that would stop them if they did want to, but it's a clear signal that they aren't just pulling back on the ammo ban, but they're pulling back and declaring themselves out of the game.

It won't really help though. We've watched the Obama-ites run roughshod over laws, regulations and even the Constitution. When it's less politically charged they'll try this again and no mealy-mouthed platitudes from Dear Leader will make any of us think any differently.

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