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Slinking cowards, the lot of them.

From the Grass Roots North Carolina Alert:

On Monday, August 6th, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners silently adopted over-reaching new noise ordinances designed to, among other things, silence virtually all gunfire within the County. The only exemptions allowed for under the new proposals are for hunting, self-defense, and the odd circumstances “pursuant to lawful directions of law-enforcement officers”. With only these exemptions in place, virtually all other forms of gunfire could subject you to a Class III misdemeanor charge under the new laws!

Despite reaching a reasonable agreement last year between the County and residents and forming a policy based on mutual respect, the Johnston County Board of Commissioners this time swept away this agreement and voted unanimously to adopt the new laws without your input! Only random chance prevented these new proposals from becoming law in August, which was due to one of the Commissioners not being present to vote. Due to state law, the proposals now require a second vote with all Commissioners being present.

Last chance to be heard!

The second vote is scheduled for at the next Board of Commissioners meeting on September 4th at 6:00pm. If the proposal receives a majority vote, it will then become the law of the land in Johnston County. This is your one chance to attend the meeting and have your voice heard! All concerned residents of Johnston County should attend the meeting in order to insure that your rights are not discarded by the Board of Commissioners.

You can also let your displeasure be known by contacting the individual Johnston County Commissioners prior to the next scheduled meeting through either email or by phone using the contact information provided below. Although they may be attempting to pass these proposals in an attempt to quell the actions of one or two County residents, they have to know that sweeping away the rights of all County residents is not the way to do it! Your respectful, yet resolved voice will go a long way in letting them know that you will not stand idle and let them vote your rights out of existence.

While the alert suggests sending a boilerplate letter (and I concur. Do that too.) if you really care about this atrocity send them another letter in your own words.

Why? The Johnston County Commissioners have said that they don't consider pre-written email to be legitimate. Apparently simply contacting your elected officials with an opinion isn't sufficient. It has to be in a manner that they approve of too.

Well whatever, write them something of your own and leave the bark on.

Just a couple of things. They will make hay out of anything perceived to be a threat. They will beat their breasts and wring their hands and whine and cry. So steer clear of that. There is no point in giving them any more reason to speak against us than necessary. And try to keep the profanity in check. It really doesn't help. And finally, run your email through a spell checker. If your message is rife with errors it has the *perception* that you are just an ignorant bitter clinger. So up your game.

That said, here are their phone numbers too:

Allen L. Mims, Jr, Chairman: 919-553-3081
Jeffrey P. Carver, Vice Chairman: 919-553-8922
Wade M. Stewart: 919-965-7500
Cookie Pope: 919-934-6187
W. Ray Woodall: 919-631-3058
DeVan Barbour: 919-938-2050
Tony Braswell: 919-669-6598

Most of those are *personal* or *cell* phone numbers. You should feel free to call at whatever hours are convenient to you. If they object, remind them that they work for you, that being available at odd hours is part of the job and if they don't like it they can quit. They have repeatedly said that they are responding to the amount of calls they get. Thesqueaky wheel gets the grease and all that.

Well, let's let them hear some squeaking.

A couple of other notes. Mr Carver is a vice president at First Citizens Bank. If you're a member of that bank you might want to consider moving your accounts elsewhere...and tell them why. Carver replaced Frank Holding as a county commissioner and the Holding family owns First Citizens Bank. Carver's office is across the hall from the current President of First Citizen's Bank. Hitting his employer in the pocket would certainly send a message.

Tony Braswell is a veteran and will tell you so at the drop of a hat. He has no qualms about belittling your opinion if you aren't one. So if you are, let him know that as a fellow veteran you disapprove of his actions.

Ray Woodall is not running for office again. He was the absent member that is requiring the re-vote. I have heard, but can't confirm, that he has medical issues. He at least might merit some politeness.

But other than Mr. Woodall, the rest of them need to hear from you.

And those people that have been complaining about the shooting have no qualms about calling more than once. You shouldn't either.

They have it coming. Again, no profanity and no threats. Just tell them that you are against their anti-shooting ordinances and that your disapproval will be felt in November at the polls.

One last thing.

Only *ONE* of the seven commissioners is running opposed in November. Of the four up for re-election this time one isn't running again and two have no opposition.

However, one, Mr. DeVan Barbour, is being opposed by a 65-year-old retired teacher. Yes, she's a Democrat. One has to wonder, however, how much worse she could possibly be. I know nothing about his opposition other than what she's posted publicly.

But Mr. Barbour's forced retirement would send a powerful message to those that deem themselves your betters.

So let DeVan Barbour know you'll be voting against him in November. Call him and tell him why. Maybe write a check to the campaign of:

Carol A. Brannock (D)
119 Victory Circle
Willow Spring, NC 27592
1 (919) 331-2036

And tell him you're doing that too.

Maybe give her a polite call and suggest that a pro-gun, pro-second-amendment statement by her campaign would gain her a number of votes.

These cretins have run roughshod over the rights of the shooters of Johnston County. A lack of consequences on this issue will only serve to embolden the gun grabbers and shooting banners in other counties.

And just because you aren't a Johnston County, NC resident don't think for a minute that you have no dog in this fight. Your calls and emails will not hold the same weight as a resident but a large volume of calls and messages will send a message of its own.

Johnston County today, your location tomorrow. Is that want you want?


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