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I've checked the media reports on Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor gathering last weekend and I'm pretty sure that they must have been somewhere else. Or they just made up a bunch of stuff. If you reach back into the not-so-distant past and examine things like the Dan Rather Career-Ending Pack of Lies or CNN Smearing Vietnam Veterans you'll see that the legacy media lies regularly. Sometimes they get caught.

Sometimes it takes a long time to get caught. The longer between the lie and the exposure, it seems, the less likely they are to 'fess up. When the Venona documents surfaced, the leftist media was exposed as being complicit in the witch-hunt to smear Senator Joseph McCarthy who, as it turns out, was right about the extent to which Soviet communists and their agents had infiltrated the U.S. Government. Sadly, the bloody red New York Times only sort of retracts their attacks on McCarthy.

And when it comes to pre-WW2 lies, the very same New York Times states that Walter Duranty's complicity in Stalin's murder of millions of Ukranians was because "Duranty's cabled dispatches had to pass Soviet censorship." So yeah, he was covering for a monster but, you know, the guy had to make a living.

But digging deeper into the Duranty mess, the Pulitzer Committee states that "Revoking a prize 71 years after it was awarded under different circumstances, when all principals are dead and unable to respond, would be a momentous step and therefore would have to rise to that threshold."

Under different circumstances? Like what? Was it because back then they were trying to get their "progressive" message into the minds of Americans without exposing how it leads to genocide? Or that they are still trying really hard to keep people from making that connection?

At this point some might wonder what any of this has to do with last weekend's activities at the Lincoln Memorial. The answer is, "THE LEFT-WING MEDIA LIES!" And not just small lies, not just accidental lies, they lie with a purpose. The recent JournoList scandal merely emphasizes that today's "progessive" media intends to keep pushing their leftist, collectivist agenda and they will stoop to whatever low they need to in order to keep it going.

So it's important to keep that in mind when one sees CBS news stating that the crowd was 87,000. Really? Why do others list the numbers as 500,000 (Sky News), 300,000 (NBC News), or 300,000 - 325,000(D.C. Official)? Even ABC News had the number at "more than 100,000". Of course, ABC didn't say how many more, just more.

So why is the number for CBS News so low? Simple. They got the word out fast, trying to steer the agenda. Too bad for them that the other news services neglected to check in with them and get the narrative straight before reporting numbers themselves. And of course like all lying leftist scum, rather than 'fess up, they just try to spin it.

Ok, so they lied about the size of the crowd. So what, right? Those things are just estimates anyway, right?

Well, if that was the end of it, sure. But the lies go deeper than that. MSNBC went on the air to report that Representative Michelle Bachmann and former Representative Dick Armey were on the schedule. Except that they weren't and never were. MSNBC just made it up.

So in light of the fact that the so-called major media outlets have pretty much not told any of the truth about the Restoring Honor Rally, I'm going to tell you what did happen. I and Mrs. Knitebane were there.

She and I showed up at about 4AM behind the Whole Foods in Cary, NC and boarded bus number four in the Triangle Conservatives Unite caravan to D.C. We came prepared with our CamelBaks and some new camp stools that we had bought since if it's strapped to my back it's harder to forget to bring them.

The trip to D.C. was pretty uneventful, especially since I slept most of the way. We arrived at RFK Stadium at about 9:30 so we didn't get to see the opening of the event.

We walked about a quarter of a mile from the back parking lot at RFK to the Stadium-Armory Metro station. A Metro K9 cop (sans dog for some reason) was waiting at the top of the escalator and stopped the crowd of a few hundred attendees from descending into the station. He said, "I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that the ticket machines are having problems and it will be a while before they get them back online. Please stay here until we clear you to go down."

People starting shouting questions at him including one sucker who yelled out, "Hey, what's the good news?" to which the cop replied, "I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to GEICO." Heh. Several people then laughingly insisted that he prove it, which he then did by pulling out his GEICO insurance card and displaying it.

Eventually the machines were fixed and other than some confusion at the machines themselves we eventually found ourselves holding all-day passes and getting on the train.

We emerged at the Smithsonian Metro station and hiked up Independence Avenue to the Washington Monument. Just after crossing 15th Street we stopped at the portable toilets that had been set up and each of us lounged in the shade provided by the Restoring Honor volunteer tent while the other made use of the facilities.

Then we proceeded up the hill on which the Washington Monument stands. As we crested the hill we first saw the size of the crowd...

View from the Washington Monument

Keep in mind that the crowd you see here is moving forward and down the hill toward the World War Two Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial.  We moved along with them.

As we got closer to the WW2 Memorial we saw this:Al Sharpton's worst nightmare

...which probably pisses Al Sharpton off to no end.

We got down to the WW2 Memorial...
The WW2 Memorial

...and I turned around and took a picture looking back up at the Washington Monument. This is the crowd that was behind us:
The approaching swarm

We worked our way up the right hand side of the reflecting pool but this is as close as we could get:
A solid mass of people

Frankly, we could only see and hear a small portion of the event. It was simply too crowded and we arrived too late to fully partake in the event. I've had to review YouTube videos of the speeches to fill in the gaps that I missed while walking around trying to find a good place to observe.

But even with that, what we witnessed was most assuredly NOT a political event. What it was, was no more and no less than what Mr. Beck said it was going to be. He asked us not to bring political signs. I can't recall a single instance where the President was even mentioned by name. It wasn't about that.

It was about faith. And honor. And restoring our republic. There was prayer. There were hymns. It was the closest thing to a old-timey revival that you're going to see in Washington D.C. It incorporated the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. with the inclusion of his niece as one of the key speakers. It was a fund raiser for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. And it was about honoring those who have served and those who are serving.

Glenn Beck's message was that only by returning to the values of the founders, to "divine Providence," can the nation be saved. And that message was well received. Glenn Beck says, "America, we need some churchin' up." And as Reverend Cleophus James is sadly unavailable let's hope Mr. Beck can help us see the light.

Now I'm certainly not making light of Glenn Beck's purpose. Far from it. If I seem a bit unserious it's merely because I've been saying something similar for a long time. I believe that unless you believe in something, specifically something larger than yourself, something that will hold you accountable for your misdeeds, there is nothing that keeps someone from descending into absolute corruption. Faith is what keeps you sane when the circumstances around you are crazy. Piety is, in the last resort, what keeps you from becoming a monster.

Our Constitution protects us from government forcing us into any specific religion. Somehow that got perverted into the power to throw religion, and therefore the basis for morality, out of public life.

That's how we end up with Presidential interns with stains on her dress, Congressmen with thousands of dollars of cash in their freezers, Senators that get sweetheart deals from the financial institutions they are supposed to be keeping an eye on and Attorneys General that burn children to death and get to keep their jobs.

The message isn't, "God says to elect Republicans," it's "Turn back to faith, and morality, and ask for the blessings of God in whatever we do." I'm very much ok with that. I'm even willing to deal fairly with a Democrat if said Democrat is a person of morality and integrity. But since the Democrat Party is the party of Margaret "Kill all the black babies" Sanger, Kleagle Robert Byrd, George "Segregation Forever" Wallace, as well the party that wholeheartedly supports the massacre of unborn children, embraces terrorists like Yasser Arafat and Fidel Castro and worships leftist mass murders like Stalin, Mao and Che Guevera, I can't quite figure out how someone can be a Democrat and have morals. But I'm open minded. If someone finds one of those send him my way, would ya?

Ok, back to the rally.

When the final hymn, a rendition of "Amazing Grace" complete with bagpipes was sung, it was quite stirring. The crowd enthusiastically joined in.

And then we filed out. This was taken from the FAR side of the Constitution Gardens pond on the north side of the Mall...
View from Constitution Gardens
...showing thousands of people heading back toward the Washington Monument.

Mrs. Knitebane and I moved eastward with the crowd, stopping again at the portable facilities where I snapped this picture:
Washington Monument

The trip back to the bus was eventful as well, as we got to the Smithsonian Metro station only to find it closed and had to make our way to the L'Enfant Plaza station. There we had to let five trains pass on by without boarding them as they were completely full.

We eventually got aboard one and made it back to the Stadium-Armory station and back to the bus where we were almost the last to make it back.

Other than the heat (Mrs. Knitebane and I both emptied our respective three liter Camelbak containers, and also went through three more liters that we had in additional flexible bottles) it was a good trip.

The ride back was more lively than our trip up with considerable conversation about religion, politics and history. One of the passengers, a refugee from both Rhodesia AND South Africa, fascinated and horrified us with tales of the damage that collectivism has done to the people of those blighted countries.

I went to this rally expecting it to be different than the typical assembly on the Mall and I was still surprised. I guess it's no big shock then to find that the major media outlets simply reported their expectations as facts. But hey, it's not like they do much reporting of the truth anyway.

Anyway, this is MY account of the happenings on August 28th, 2010 in Washington D.C. Anyone else that was there care to share their experiences?

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