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Range Report: July 17th, 2010

This weekend Mrs. Knitebane and I wanted to do some shooting. She just got three new Wilson Combat mags for her Rock Island Tactical and I had just completed building out my FAL with a tactical rail, light, laser, scope, bipod and sling I wanted to run it through its paces.

The original plan was to head out to Range 37 in Bunnlevel but a check of the weather indicated that using an outdoor range would probably be problematic. Lots of thunderstorms in the forecast.

So went out to WT's in Goldsboro. When we arrived the parking lot was completely full! We expected the worst, namely a long line waiting to shoot. To our relief it turns out that Glock was onsite hawking their dishwasher-safe items and were holding a raffle, thus the crowd.

The Mrs. picked up some .45 and spent enough money to qualify for the next drawing. To my everlasting shame, she entered. Well, I suppose if she wins we can sell it. 😉

So we got into the range area. I set up and started sighting in while Mrs. Knitebane checked out her new 1911 mags.

Here's what I did:

Distance: 30m
WX: Temp: 75 degrees F, Wind: 0 (indoor range)
Ammo: Winchester 7.62x51mm 147 gr FMJ military grade ammo (Basically this stuff)
Optics: Leatherwood Hi-Lux CMR 1x4 set to 1x, illuminated reticle on
Rounds expended: 60 (three mags full)
Malfunctions: 0

The rangemaster stuck me on lane 1, all the way to the left and then gave lane 2 to the Mrs. This meant that I got to pelt her with whatever hot .308 brass didn't get flung forward into the lanes. I recovered less than half of my brass. :(

Took a bit to get into a comfort zone due to the bipod being too tall for the shelf at the range and the chair too short. Fortunately I brought my spotting scope as the case made for a nice booster seat.

After sighting in, it did okay.

Now we wait for a break in our typically lousy weekend weather patterns so we can get out somewhere with a longer distance.

As a side note, I started to pick up some additional ammo but the sales clerk said that the whitebox Winchester ammo are seconds. Although the FAL seems to like it just fine with the gas port set to 7, I'll try to confirm that before I order any more.

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  1. The owner had problems with the white box ammo with an FN. He called FN to discuss the problem and was told that the white box Winchester are seconds. From what I remember of the conversation, the #1 problem is that the ammo is a fraction too long.

    • As it turns out there are two different kinds of Winchester “white box” ammo. The kind in the white box with only black lettering are the seconds.

      The kind in the white box with color on it are military issue ammo. What I’m shooting is the military issue stuff and what WT’s stocks are the seconds.

      I think I’ll mail order any additional 7.62×51 ammo.

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