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Range Report: August 1st, 2010

We went to Range 37 yesterday afternoon but I skipped out on shooting my FAL. I'd been fighting off a sinus headache all day which means I either live with the pain which makes it hard to see or take meds which make me shakey. Bleh. Additionally I need to pick up some stash ammo before shooting much more of the 7.62x51 I have on hand.

So instead I shot .45. I put some new Pachmayr grips on my Springfield 1911 Government. I've been having trouble getting back on target for double taps with the Hogue grips so I thought I'd try something a bit more sticky. Well the Pachmayr grips are certainly sticky. I'm faster on the second shot and recoil seems more manageable but I'm going to need more practice with the new grips.

Mrs. Knitebane shot her Rock Island Tactical 1911:
Mrs. Knitebane's RIA Tactical

Mrs. Knitebane shot her AK (actually a WASR-10 underfolder) too since we got some new polymer magazines from Tapco:

Mrs. Knitebane's WASR-10

I had ordered a high-end sight adjustment tool for the AK family from Brownell's after the cheap one I had disintegrated while trying to adjust the vertical post. The new one is heavy duty and worked like a champ. The Mrs. was putting rounds into a three inch target at 7 yards with no problems at all.

I finished up with a little .22 plinking and then we called it at day. All in all, not bad. I just wish my sinuses would have cooperated so I can finish sighting in the FAL.

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