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Pro Tip: Do you have a can opener?

When I was a young sailor my unit had a Senior Chief that was a drunk. He did his job okay but it aged him. Eventually he was sent to get dried out. Back then the Navy program for alcohol abuse involved a lot of physical activity so he came back fit and tanned. He looked ten years younger.

Apparently his wife couldn't handle the change. About a month after his return and while he was at work, she packed up the contents of their house and left. She left him a can of soup, a pot, a bowl and a spoon.

But no can opener.

A can opener seems like such a simple thing...until you don't have one.

Here at the Manor we've been migrating to a new food system that comes mainly in #10 cans. While we had used our duty can opener before it was for the occasional standard #2 can or maybe some soup. But even that was apparently a bit much for our cordless, side-cut, As-Seen-On-TV can opener.

Cute, aint it?

And it worked pretty good too.  While a bit noisy and rather slow it did work but as it turns out it was not very resilient.  And when it died on the top of the first #10 can after having cut for about 3 inches it took a foot-long prybar and an Estwing dead-blow hammer to remove it.

A further search of the house failed to turn up a spare mechanical can opener.  The best I could come up with was a P-38:

...and the thought of having to open a bunch of #10 cans with that was too much.

So off to the store we went and picked up a couple of mechanical can openers. One is a big crank jobbie for big cans:

and the other is a standard twist-the-lever can opener.

So, as sometimes happens, we put another line on the "Stuff we need to have on hand when the lights go out" list and then checked it off on the same day.

Thinking back to our apartment days I'm pretty sure all we had was an under-counter mounted electric opener.  Not very prepared for power trouble then either.

I'll be spending some time going over some other basics in case I've overlooked something really flippin' obvious.

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  1. Somewhere in this house, we have two manual can openers. A tried and true metal can opener like this:

    And one like this with engineer beige handles:

    I thought they were in the right drawer of the island but I cannot find them.

    The reason for the as seen on tv can opener was that my carpal tunnel was so bad that I could not open a can with a manual can opener without crying.

    • I thought so too. And I couldn’t find one either.

      I wonder if they didn’t survive the move.

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