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Preach it sister!

The only explanation for Fast and Furious is that it was a program to prop up a losing gun control argument. The Waco and Ruby Ridge raids were monstrous, but they at least made sense as simple screw-ups: (1) ATF's budget was about to be cut and it needed some showy raids; and (2) law enforcement officials detest private gun ownership on principle.

There is no conceivable law enforcement objective to giving Mexican drug dealers thousands of untrackable guns. It's not even fun for the agents, like an armed raid on a private home. If there's some other explanation, Holder isn't telling.

Republicans refuse to state this clearly because they can't prove it. Instead, they just keep chattering about the documents that haven't been turned over and subpoenas that haven't been answered.

Ann Coulter has a penchant for saying what needs to be said and saying it with style. Of course, those that have been watching this debacle since it was first mentioned by David and Mike have known this about the felonious program all along.

Getting some traction with a major media mouth like Ann Coulter can only be good. The more light shined on this fiasco the better.

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