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Our last sheriff was a good organizer. Yellow clear through, but a good organizer.

So this evening I open my snail mail and one of the pieces lovingly addressed to me (or current resident) is a fundraising letter of some sort from the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association, Sheriff Richard H. Webster - President:

* * * URGENT * * * URGENT * * * URGENT * * * URGENT * * *

Dear Knitebane (well, close enough),

As a Johnston County resident, I need your immediate support to provide desperately needed resources for all our sheriffs and deputies to continue education and training programs, as well as fighting for strong laws in the General Assembly to keep you and your family safe.


At this point I started to get pissed off. LAWS DON'T KEEP ANYONE SAFE YOU IDIOT! LAWS PROVIDE PUNISHMENT FOR PEOPLE WHO BREAK THEM. THEY ARE ENTIRELY REACTIVE. My locks, alarm, dogs and firearms keep my family safe. Hmmm, maybe they need that education and training if they don't know this already. I recall my one brush with our local deputies after our (thankfully mostly empty) house got burgled. Sez he, "Looks like you got robbed! You should git a gun."

And for this I pay taxes?


It continues:

For just 7¢ a day for the next year ($25) you can confirm your commitment as an Honorary Citizen Member of the North Carolina Sheriffs' Association help feed a hungry deputy.


Ok, I made that last part up because that's when I started hearing Sarah Mclachlan singing and visualized weepy puppies.

So they want money from me, do they? The very same North Carolina Sheriffs' Association that wanted access to state computer records identifying anyone with prescriptions for powerful painkillers and other controlled substances?

You know, hardcore dangerous drugs like Ambien? That group?

The same North Carolina Sheriffs' Association that in 2009, pressured the North Carolina State Legislature to pull S782, the bill to kill of the Jim Crow era pistol purchase permit?

THAT group?

ANYONE affiliated with that bunch of gun grabbing racists can stuff it. Sadly, my county sheriff, Steve Bizzell, seems to be okay being associated with this bunch of statists. His is the signature at the bottom of the insipid thing.

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