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In re your article “Rally draws conservatives and gun rights backers”

From: Knitebane Manor

August 15th, 2010

Ms. Amanda Lehmert
Staff Writer
Greensboro News & Record

Ms. Lehmert,

Congratulations and thanks for what is perhaps the most neutral article that I've yet read about a Restore the Constitution rally in a legacy newspaper. Be advised that I am indeed "damning with faint praise."

I'm reasonably certain that you actually attended the rally and didn't just report what others said about it as I think I recall a young, dark-haired woman scribbling furiously into a small notebook while sitting on the brick steps near the rally proper. I presume that it was you.

As I and my wife definitely attended the rally I will state that nowhere in your article is a single untruth. Sadly, yet not surprisingly, the sum of the article is a carefully crafted lie.

I note and give you full credit for rising to Bubba McDowell's challenge to mention "press corpse" in an article. Brava. Sadly, the rest of your article confirms his condemnation of the press.

Despite your careful description of various speakers including other candidates for public office it is curious that you made several omissions that highlight and affirm the indictment from the American right about the press being tilted to the left.

You mentioned several of the dozen or so speakers yet despite being three of the most engaging and crowd-pleasing ones there, you failed to mention even the presence of U.S. House of Representative candidate Bill Randall, Republican National Committeewoman Dr. Ada Fisher or member of the Winston-Salem 9/12 group Vernon Robinson.

Notably, Mr. Randall worked his way through the crowd with a donation box soliciting donations to help the organizers of the event offset their costs. He was quite prominent in his presence yet you mention it not at all. Shameful.

Opinions are shaped and formed as much from what is not reported as by what is reported.

Your omission of the names of three African-American speakers at the rally perpetuates the idea that second amendment supporters are a bunch of white, racist rednecks. The gaps of fact in your article are a lame attempt to support that theory. While I'm sure that it wasn't what you intended, erasing the presence of minority faces at a civil rights rally is a racist act. I urge you to reconsider your thought processes.

While it would be a refreshing change to see a latter-day reporter actually report what happened rather than omitting facts in the attempt to shape opinions that the left would approve of I won't be breathlessly awaiting an update to your article.


Knitebane (Full name redacted)


Permission to print this message in the Greensboro News & Record is given provided that it is posted in its entirety. I will likewise be posting this message (and any responses received) in its entirety on my blog.

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