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I see lots of problems with Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan. Which is a great reason to support it.

Because while there are good reasons to be concerned about the problems that will come with it, it's infinitely preferable to current tax code which is so complicated that you can't even begin to find all the problems with it.

I'm still not officially signed up for any of the candidates yet though some of them are never going to get my vote.  Myth Romney is the love child of Obama and Kerry.  No way he gets my vote even if he manages to get the Stupid Party's nomination.

If the Cain campaigns allegations are true, that Perry's behind the JournoList Politico unsubstantiated rumors, then he's dead to me no matter what his policies are.  If you want to win and keep my vote do it on merit, not with dirty tricks.

I've liked Newt Gingrich for a long time.  He's a very smart guy and he has good ideas.  I've read most of his books and as a history teacher he at least understands history.  Too many of our current politicians don't.  I'm not inclined to support him as he's a professional politician and I would rather see us getting away from that but if he ends up with the nomination I can pull the lever for him.

I think Bachmann's heart is in the right place but I'm not sure about her head.  Her endorsement of the Gardasil attack on Perry (that it's dangerous) makes it seem to me that she IS a flake, even if it still was impolite of Chris Wallace to ask.

The rest of them are so far down the crapper that they can't see the lid.

That pretty much leaves Cain.  Hopefully he will survive this current mess.  I think he will.  I hope so because I really don't care about the current accusations.  The two women who made complaints took their checks and were happy for more than ten years.  That means that any thing they have to say now is a political hit and nothing more.  So I don't care.

Ladies, you agreed that a check would ease your pain. So if what Herman Cain did to you was so painful that you just desperately need to speak out then give the money back to the National Restaurant Association.   Otherwise, put a cork in it.



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