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Governor Perdue signs HB650

Sean has a fantastic breakdown of the entire bill over at NC Gun Blog and I won’t duplicate his effort. Suffice it to say that for the most part, HB650 gives North Carolinians the Castle Doctrine and the bill also cleans up a bunch of other antique and misguided gun laws.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a major improvement. There was some question as to whether New Bern Bevvie would sign it, but it apparently the staffers flipped over the Magic Eight Ball and it said “SIGN IT, YOU FOOL!” so she did.

Sadly, the ability to lock your firearm in your car while at work can still be punished by stupid or misguided employers. Most Demonrats and several really stupid Republicans (my own representative, Leo Daughtry, included) voted for the McGrady Amendment. Rumor has it that the stupid Republicans that voted for this asinine amendment did so at the behest of that gun-grabber-in-sheeps-clothing Rephensative Paul Stam for the spurious reasoning of protecting the property rights of businesses.

He doesn’t mention the property rights of automobile owners. Somehow he thinks that the inside of my car is subject to no property rights while the pavement it’s sitting on is. What’s next Stam? Going to authorize firing people because they have a Bible in their car? Or a newspaper? How about a bumper sticker?

There are two other bills out there that this bunch is going to have to vote on next session. HB111 is restaurant carry and HB63 is another parking lot carry bill. That next session will come up right before the next election.

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