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Fear has its use but cowardice has none

The spineless Republican sausages in the NC Legislature have referred HB111, the restaurant carry bill, to the finance committee in order to let it die there while still maintaining some semblance of second amendment support.

Chief among these yellow cretins is Phil Berger (R) of the NC State Senate. After having promised Grass Roots North Carolina that he would NOT push the bill off into a committee to die he's done just that.

The rules committee chair admitted that they are more afraid of Demonrat lies about gunfights in bars than they are of law-abiding gun owners. They must be reminded that there is a political price to be paid for their cowardice.

Light up the switchboard at Berger's office (919.733.5708) and the office of the rules committee chair Tom Apodaca (919.733.5745) and tell them you want HB111 moved to the NC State Senate floor for a vote NOW!

People like Danielle Watson and Ed Rosen have already been murdered while we've been waiting for the State Senate to get off their bureaucratic bottoms and do the right thing!

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