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The GOP establishment, from whom come such blessings as John McCain, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell and Thad Cochran; the so-called conservative press, the sold-out bloggers and the GOP ueber alles bootlickers

K Street

Washington, D.C., 20005




The Hobbits, The Crazies, the TEA party, the black middle class, the white middle class, the legal immigrants, the overtaxed, the overregulated, and all those who aren't in your big ruling class club

Main Street

Anytown, USA, 65552



To all whom these presents come, greetings;

Be it known that by virtue of ignoring your official constituents in favor of The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, La Raza, The Euroweenies, The State Department, Fannie Mae and The Muslim Brotherhood;

We have decided that the GOP as it currently exists no longer serves us (if it ever did).

Therefore we send you The Donald, not to make peace but to make war, war most righteous with all of its glory and horror.

We send him not to praise you, but to bury you.

We send him as a harbinger of the Sweet Meteor of Death.

We throw the Holy Hand Grenade of Queens into the Big Stupid Tent.

We don't care if he wins the presidency as long as you lose.  Yes, we've become just as petty as you.

You remind us that he holds none of our values, yet fail to realize that we understand that you don't either, even though during elections you say you do.

You demand that he sign a pledge to not run as an independent while Lisa Murkowski chairs Senate committees.

You insist that he will bring chaos to the presidency as if the last 16 years haven't already been chaos.

You complain that he has no foreign policy experience while Iraq and Syria burn, Russia invades Ukraine, Europe is swamped with young, male, Muslim "refugees" and Iran gets the bomb.

You scream that he's beholden to Big Business as if any of your candidates aren't.

And then you demand that we provide you with reasons as to why we support him.


Have this instead:



Oh, and take this with you when you go:




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