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Cui Bono?


1. The lottery is a tax on people who are bad at mathematics.

2. The various state government-run lotteries raked in nearly 70 Billion dollars last year.

3. The various state governments control education curricula.

4. The various state government education departments are implementing Common Core mathematics.





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  1. Have you seen the meme saying that this lotto jackpot could END poverty for everyone?

    Powerball 1.3 Billion/ U.S. Pop 300 Million = Everyone receives 4.33 mil

    Poverty Solved! – Philipe Andolini

    Of course, knowing WHERE to put the decimal is hard.

    $1,300,000,000 jackpot / 300,000,000 people
    ($1,300,000,000/100,000,000) / (300,000,000/100,000,000)
    $4.33 for 200 million and $4.34 for 100 million.

    Math is hard. – Barbie

  2. I propose all federal income tax be collected via lottery. The more you pay, the more chances you get. Cap it at a quarter mil in taxes. Thoughts?

    • I suspect that there is already some skullduggery with the systems that are set up. A quick web search for “state lottery corruption” gives dozens and dozens of examples. Not surprising, as a government or pseudo-government agency there is a precisely non-zero chance that graft and corruption occur in a state lottery. And being government there is a zero chance that they can successfully investigate themselves.

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