Knitebane Manor Illos libenter devoramus qui nos opprimere velint

About Knitebane

I'm an IT professional and an enthusiastic shooter. I have opinions about technology, firearms, politics and people in general. Strong opinions sometimes.  I use this forum to express those opinions and allow others to observe and comment up to my particular tolerance level.

I created this blog to satisfy me.  If others like it too, that's great.  If not, too bad.  I reserve the right to delete comments and user accounts according to my own whim.  The only guarantee you get is that I will never change a person's comments.  It either stands as it is or I'll delete it.

This blog is on my own hardware, over my own circuit.  I understand that not everyone will agree with me or care for my policies.  I'm willing to engage in a certain amount of debate but I have no obligation to subsidize any one's opinions but my own.  You're free to build your own site and then make your own rules.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me but I do expect everyone posting on my site to have a certain amount of respect for civility.  Illegal content and profane, threatening, racist, sexist or otherwise incendiary comments will be deleted.

In other words, this is MY soapbox.  If you want to borrow it, I get to make the rules.  If you don't like my rules, buy your own soapbox.